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A Young Visionary: An Interview With Author, Actress, and Influencer, Carrie Berk

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Carrie Berk is an author, actress, and influencer from New York City. She wrote her very first book when she was 8 years old. She currently stars in Brat TV's "Stage Fright." We had the privilage of talking with Carrie and hearing more about her journey of how she got to where she is today.

What is your profession and how long have you been in this line of work?

"I started off as a writer, I wrote my first book when I was 8 years old and the years I have continued to write and I've written over 21 books to date! I’ve also become a social media influencer with over 24 million engagement across my platforms prominently on Tiktok and Instagram. I am also an actress, I star in Brat TV’s “Stage Fright”."

Where did your passion stem from and what helped give you ambition to keep working towards your dream job?

"I’ve always been a hard working person. I think the key was that I continually challenged myself over the years and pushed the boundaries- I didn’t want to limit myself to JUST be a writer, or an actress, or an influencer. I told myself I could do it all as long as I work hard, stay organized and surround myself with people who lift me up and help me pursue my dreams."

When was the first moment of success for you?

"My first moment of success was when I published my first book when I was eight. I was so young I hardly remember what it was specifically like, but it was so exciting not only to me but to the world. It was a book written for young people by a young person, and that was something that didn’t happen- it just didn’t exist at the time. That was something really special."

What has

been your biggest failure in your career that you have grown from?

"I wouldn’t say there’s one big failure I would pinpoint, but as a writer there are plenty of off days where I’m in a writers block and I can’t find inspiration. I have found that I just have to step away for a moment and take a deep breath and come back later. As someone who is constantly working and hustling that’s hard for me, but stepping away and coming back later is always so helpful."

What’s a funny or crazy experience you have had in your career?

"One of the craziest experiences that I have had in my career was going on the Boys of Summer tour last summer with other social media influencers. I was on it to promote my book and meet fans but I really didn’t expect to meet so many lifelong friends. I met so many amazing supporters as well and the fact that I got to travel across the country in a tour bus was wild and something I never expected to be able to do." 

What is your advice to others struggling to follow their dreams and pursue their passions

"Work hard, always hustle, keep challenging yourself. Believe in yourself, and surround yourself with people who lift you up and support you. There will obviously be some bad days, and days where you may not feel on top of the world. Keep pushing because you will get there."

What is your Hopeless Vision?

"My Hopeless Vision is a world where everyone practices kindness and empathy towards each other." 

To this day, Carrie continues to be her own Hopeless Visionary. Make sure to follow her on all social platforms!

Instagram: @carrieberkk

Tiktok: @carrieberkk

Twitter: @carrieberkk

Facebook: Carrie’s Chronicles

YouTube: Carrie’s Chronicles

Pinterest: Carrie’s Chronicles


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