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Meet Hopeless Visionary.

In March of 2020, Sabrina Bernstein and Ryan Armour, two college freshmen at UW-Madison, were unexpectedly sent home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and their year ended as quickly as it started. Soon after Ryan flew home to Los Angeles and Sabrina to New York, the two began to grow frustrated, restless, and hopeless. Ryan, a young entrepreneur, had always envisioned creating a clothing brand. He decided to use this time trapped at home to make this dream a reality.
Ryan picked up the phone and called Sabrina with a proposition: to start a clothing company, one centered around dream chasing and passion seeking. Sabrina would create the designs, visual brand identity, and marketing plan. Ryan would create a business plan, find a manufacturer, and manage finances and distribution. Brimming with excitement, the two got to work on Hopeless Visionary the next morning. Designs were made and remade, colors chosen, garments picked out, and for the rest of quarantine, the best friends spoke and worked on Hopeless Visionary every day. 
By late August 2020, Ryan and Sabrina returned to Madison and launched HV's first line, The Global Collection. In the winter, the Thank You! Hoodies dropped, and the Healing Collection followed in the spring of 2021. 

Ryan and Sabrina's vision is to share an appreciation for design and aesthetics and to encourage everyone on Earth to become a dreamer while striving for their own success. 

Be your own Hopeless Visionary and don't ever stop believing. Aspire to inspire.


What HV is about:

Hopeless Visionary, like all projects, began as a crazy idea. Two college kids, stuck on opposite coasts at the brink of a pandemic, decided there was no better time than the present to pursue their dream. This shared dream of a brand so inspiring, so motivating, and so unique slowly took form. Characters, colors, and garments were meticulously created and selected. The two visionaries sought to make it their young brand’s goal that when someone touched, wore, and experienced Hopeless Visionary, they felt inspired. That when they became a member of the HV family, they too felt the burst of passion and creativity felt by its creators so strongly that they take personal steps to prioritize passion seeking. Thousands of miles, two kids, one dream. This is what HV is about.  Aspire to Inspire.   

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